Fatherhood Policy in Africa

Fatherhood policy refers to the set of laws, regulations, and social policies that aim to support and promote the involvement of fathers in their children’s lives. This includes policies related to paternity leave, child support, child custody, and parental leave.
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The goal of fatherhood policy is to recognize the important role that fathers play in child development and to provide them with the resources and support they need to be active and involved parents. For example, paid paternity leave policies allow fathers to take time off work to bond with their newborns and to support their partners during the early weeks of parenthood. Such policies have been shown to improve outcomes for both fathers and children, including increased parental involvement, improved mental health, and better child development.


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Fathers and Families

Fatherhood is an essential part of any family structure, and it is vital to promote responsible and involved fatherhood in […]
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Children without involved fathers, or a significant older male father figure, are at great risk of both perpetrating and becoming victims of violence - both as children and adults - and of becoming victims of substance abuse; teen pregnancy; poor academic achievement; mental health problems and delinquency.

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