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Sean Williams, the creator of the popular Instagram page for dads, asserts that being a dad to girls involves more than just taking pictures and playing pretend.

Sean Williams, the originator of The Dad Gang, can be seen in this picture with his daughter. Sean Williams, founder of The Dad Gang, with his daughter

As a parent of two gorgeous daughters, I’m often asked what it means to be a “girl dad” and the truth is, there is no single answer. Each person’s experience of fatherhood is unique. However, what I can say for certain is that for many of us, being a girl dad is life-changing. It’s much more than taking pictures, playing pretend, or mastering the art of braiding hair, although these enjoyable activities contributed to the writing of my book, Girl Dad.

Before a man takes on the role of a father to a daughter, his connections with women exist as a son to his mother, a brother to his sister, an uncle to his niece, a friend, a boyfriend, a partner, or something else.

Sean Williams

These roles are all significant but do not necessitate one to be solely in charge of a girl’s safety or emotional growth. On the other hand, when one becomes a father to a girl, it can be an experience like no other.

Fathers often uncover a gentleness and tenderness of which they were unaware of. Dads form an affection for their daughters which is distinct from other kinds of love. Having a daughter can cause a shift in the man’s worldview and alter how he treats women from that point on.

I had always been a gentleman, but when I became a father, my sense of responsibility to my daughters caused me to take my chivalry to the next level. I strived to ensure that I was holding every hand, opening every door, and shielding them from any raindrops I could. This ultimately led to me embodying all of the qualities of what it means to be a true gentleman.

As my daughters have grown up, I have become more emotionally conscious, perceptive to their requirements, and sympathetic to the needs of women generally. This was a new experience for me as I doted on my children when they were babies, attending to their lengthy tea parties with stuffed animals, indulging in dress-up with dolls, brushing their kinky hair with care, and discussing boys to no end.

As a father of a daughter, and particularly a Black daughter, it is important to help her cultivate a positive self-image and strong self-esteem in a world that overwhelmingly undervalues her and her peers more than any other group in the United States. It is crucial to demonstrate to her what healthy love looks like. This necessitates that we oppose the systems and culture of misogyny that limit Black women and their opportunities. We become beacons of feminism and proponents of women’s rights, with the goal of ensuring that our daughters receive all the respect they deserve.

Without a doubt, I think that becoming a girl dad was one of the most advantageous things to ever take place in my life. My two daughters have aided me in comprehending women in ways that I could not have fathomed prior.

This is my approach to parenting as a father of daughters.

Bestow upon your daughter an affection that is not dependent upon any conditions.

I strive to provide my daughters with the adoration and approval they need in order to feel secure. I happily partake in what they are passionate about, using the chance to demonstrate to them that my love is unbounded. I offer them a space to express themselves honestly and accept their emotions.

The love of a father for his daughter is one of the greatest forms of love many young women will ever experience. Therefore, it is essential to foster that bond and encourage girls to develop a fondness for themselves. It is critical to demonstrate to our daughters that we are always there for them, and back up those words with our actions.

The second point to consider is that…

Help your daughter cultivate her self-confidence and esteem.

Fathers ought to bolster their daughters every day so they can cultivate a good self-image and high self-esteem. Communicate positively with your daughters and let them understand how extraordinary and talented they are. Make it clear that their worth isn’t only in their beauty but also in their intelligence and inventiveness. It is commonly accepted that Black women are among the most disregarded, unprotected, and disrespected groups in America, making it essential to upbuild our Black daughters’ self-confidence for their achievement.

With my two toddlers, I used to stand in front of the mirror with them and encourage them with positive phrases before they headed off to school. It was important to instill in them a sense of self-assurance to counterbalance the messages they would hear from the outside world, which might tell them they are not good enough. I wanted them to know that they are capable of anything they dream of.

Inspire your daughter to pursue what she finds stimulating.

Urge your daughters to explore their interests and take part in the things that fascinate them. Assist them in cultivating their abilities and discovering their passions, and use that as an avenue to bond.

When my daughter was trying to decide between joining the track team or the high school cheerleading squad, I initially recommended track as an option. I felt I was more familiar with it and that it was a more competitive sport, one that I would be proud to see my daughter take part in.

I was mistaken. She wound up deciding to cheer, and in retrospect, I’m pleased she did. It was very demanding and since I was so encouraging, she worked even harder. It gave us another common interest. By the end of the season, I was delighted to join the crowd in the stands and yell the cheers she had rehearsed at home. I was a proud cheerleading father.

Encourage your daughter to be autonomous and set limits.

Establishing trust and a safe environment for your daughters is key to helping them become independent and responsible. Set boundaries and expectations and allow them the freedom to choose and understand the potential outcomes and consequences of their decisions. Give them the opportunity to make decisions and gain confidence in their own abilities.

Encourage your daughter to cultivate her connections.

Urge them to create social connections with people who appreciate and honor them. This especially applies to men.

I am extremely proud and privileged to be a girl dad. It is an honor to help raise my daughters into becoming amazing women. There are many distinct aspects of fatherhood; and I am thankful for the special privilege that only a girl dad can experience.

Educate female children on developing positive interpersonal interactions, showing respect to others, and expressing themselves in an open manner.

Though the narrative centres around the relationship between cisgender fathers and their daughters, AFI is also aware of the fact that not all fathers are men and not all daughters are girls or women.

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