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Don't be a question mark in your child's life
happy family resting in bed with little dog

Fathers and Families

Fatherhood is an essential part of any family structure, and it is vital to promote responsible and involved fatherhood in […]
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Colleen Lowe Morna, CEO Gender Links and her father, Africa Fatherhood Initiative, Gender Links

A letter to my father

Over the course of several months Gender Links has been collecting views about fathers for its Phenomenal Fathers tribute for […]
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My blessings call me dad, Trevor Davies, Africa Fatherhood Initiative

My blessings call me dad!

“There are no perfect fathers, only ones who care.” I repeat this to myself regularly, as I walk this challenging […]
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Children without involved fathers, or a significant older male father figure, are at great risk of both perpetrating and becoming victims of violence - both as children and adults - and of becoming victims of substance abuse; teen pregnancy; poor academic achievement; mental health problems and delinquency.

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