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The African Fathers Initiative aims to be a continent-wide institutional base for the generation, collection, and dissemination of knowledge and skills about responsible and involved fatherhood across all races and faiths in Africa.
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We run this pan-African website, conduct social marketing, generate publication templates, conduct workshops, and provide support for the formation of in-country chapters of African fathers who can carry out on-the-ground action and campaigning.

Daves Guzha, (Former Chairman/President Arterial Network) and cuurent Chairman: African Union Pan African Cultural Congress Bureau 5 is the Chairperson of the Africa Fatherhood Initiative. He is based in Harare, Zimbabwe where he is Director/Producer of Rooftop Promotions and Theatre in the Park.
Trevor Davies is a renowned photojournalist and writer, now based in Cape Tow, South Africa.
My blessings call me dad, Trevor Davies, Africa Fatherhood Initiative
Trevor Davies
Daves Guzha
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The Africa Fatherhood Initiative seeks to create a world where African fathers are understood, respected and celebrated for their contributions towards the betterment of society.
  • Ceate a sense of shared responsibility for children's development among men and women.
  • To engender broad-based and long-term commitment to men’s involvement with children.
  • To identify and address barriers to men’s engagement with and protection of young children.

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African Fathers mission is to improve the well being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers. We will accomplish our mission through:
  • Educating and inspiring all Africans, especially fathers, through public awareness campaigns, research, and other resources.
  • Equipping and developing leaders of national, state, and community fatherhood initiatives through curricula, training, and technical assistance.
  • Engaging every sector of society through strategic alliances and partnerships.

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The advert we put in the Mail and Guardian on June 8th 2009.
This marked the beginning of our efforts!
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Children without involved fathers, or a significant older male father figure, are at great risk of both perpetrating and becoming victims of violence - both as children and adults - and of becoming victims of substance abuse; teen pregnancy; poor academic achievement; mental health problems and delinquency.

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